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Your money matters as Melissa United Methodist continues to grow. Thank you for your generosity that is changing lives and spreading God’s light in Melissa!

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Melissa UMC
3851 McKinney St.
Melissa, TX 75454

Give by TExt

"Sharingtheheart MUMC" to 73256

You can also support Melissa UMC financially through Register, search for “Melissa UMC”, download the iGive button for an automatic donation at some stores.

Living fully and living a life that matters has much to do with how we use what we have been given and what we earn. The difference we make in the world around us is impacted by our desire to hang on to our resources (money, time, energy, talents, etc.) or to GIVE GENEROUSLY to those around us.

Often churches make people feel guilty about how much they give to the church. At Melissa UMC, we believe that your generosity impacts your relationship with Jesus Christ. We encourage every person who regularly attends a church to challenge themselves to tithe (give 10% of their income) or work toward a tithe.

Your generosity journey might look like this:

• GIVE a regular and intentional financial gift to the church

• COMMIT to giving a percentage of your income

• PRACTICE tithing 10% of your income for 6 months or increase by 1% of your income or more

• TITHE 10% of your income

• SURPRISE yourself by giving away more 10% of your income, more than you thought possible

Have more questions about tithing, about how funds are used at Melissa UMC, or about giving to the ministry of the church? Email Pastor Stacey: to start a conversation. She’ll be happy to talk with you.