We work hard to keep everyone updated on what we’re doing in this community. To receive text messages see instructions below. If you would like to receive our weekly electronic newsletter, please follow the link to the newsletter below. Regardless of the Church you call home we would love to keep you informed about our events as you’re always welcome at Melissa UMC.

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Included in our newsletters are updates on our various ministries, news about our adult and youth groups, invitations to special events, cookouts, Easter egg hunts, and tailgating. We’re always doing something fun here at Melissa UMC – it’s a great time to come and visit.

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This Month’s Information

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We are excited to welcome you to Melissa UMC. This is a church that is committed to building up each person who enters our doors and encouraging them to grow as a person and in their faith. We seek to serve those around us by meeting the needs of our community. So, if you are looking for a place to welcome you as you are, encourage you to keep growing, and connect you with ways to serve, Melissa UMC might be just what you are looking for.

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