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Baylee Davis

Baylee Davis

Curator of Worship & Technical Arts (she/her)




Baylee came to Melissa UMC as an intern in August 2022 and was instantly won over by “a community of people who love people.” As the Curator of Worship and Technical Arts, she is passionate about creating “more space.”

· More space for marginalized people at the table.

· More space for curiosity in our faith.

· More space for hearing the Spirit in worship.

· More space for voices in the conversation.

· More space for love and healing.

After moving out of her hometown of Granbury, Texas, Baylee achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of North Texas and graduated from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado June 2023 with a Master of Divinity.

On a typical Sunday, you can find Baylee in the AV booth or in line ordering a second iced latte from Connections Coffee. If you are lucky enough to find her with her sleeves rolled up, you just may catch a glimpse of a "feel and become" tattoo on her arm.

“It's a quote from Glennon Doyle's book Untamed,” says Baylee. “For me, it's a reminder to feel everything deeply and then let it transform me into the person I want to become. But I also have the word mischief tattooed on that same arm, so I'm not all serious - I contain multitudes.”

Baylee and her fiancé, Brooke, reside in Aubrey, TX with their Shitzus, Rosie and Rona. They are all delighted to have settled in “somewhere that feels like home.” When she is not in North Texas, you may find Baylee in Colorado, a favorite vacation destination since childhood, enjoying winter skiing or summer four-wheeling.