Get In The Game on August 7-12

We are hosting a series of awesome dinner parties on August 7, 9, and 12 to encourage each of us to reach out into our community. Here is the way these nights will work? we will meet at the host home to divide into groups to travel around Melissa. Each time will have a set of postcards to share with our friends and neighbors about Melissa UMC. Don?t worry? these are not long conversations about converting people to Jesus. We are simply offering an invitation to come be a part of the fun. After about one hour of walking, we will return to the host home for an epic dinner party!

Sunday, August 7 beginning at 5 pm is a Taco Night Fiesta at the home of Jeff & Tracey Croissant.

Tuesday, August 9 beginning at 6 pm is a Backyard Cookout & Pool Party at the home of Johnny & Kelly Maberry.

Friday, August 12 beginning at 6 pm is a BBQ Block Party at the home of Keith & Stacey Piyakhun.

Ready to get in the game? Sign up here? Or call the church office for more information (469-301-6060).