You have questions about this exciting new step for our young church. We?ve done our best to answer them.

How can I make sure my contribution goes to the building? You can donate at There will be an option to select ?MUMC Building Fund.? All monies given to this account are held separately for use in the design, development, and building of phase one.

Will there by a large kitchen so we can have church meals or offer this space for community functions? Phase one includes a catering kitchen that will offer the opportunity for us to welcome our church and or community to come together for meals or community functions. One of our visions for phase one is that it would become a place where groups can gather. We believe that the ability to host a meal is an important part of that vision.

Will Mother?s Day Out be started with phase one? Yes. We have noticed that there is a need in our community for preschool education, daycare, or mother?s day out programs. Phase one is designed to meet this need.? We cannot guarantee a start date for a Melissa UMC pre-school, but it is a part of the phase 1 plan.

Will we still have youth group and music group? Our dream has become a building that will accommodate our growing youth group and music ministries. The sacred space in this phase is designed to be used for a variety of purposes. You will be welcome to gather here for worship, choir practice, youth group, preschool graduation, community meetings and more.

?What will phase 1 sanctuary space be used for when the 650+ seat sanctuary space is built? Will the large sanctuary space be for worship only or have multipurpose use as well? These questions are difficult to answer at this phase of the journey. The larger sacred space was added to the master plan to meet a need for larger worshipping congregations in the next 10-15 years. At that time, we will be listening to what our community needs and how God is calling us to build or repurpose buildings that can best meet those needs.

?How much capital do we need to raise to start building? How long to build phase 1? If things go to plan, when is the date (most likely) when we will have worship in the building? We are beginning our work with Horizons Stewardship to raise funds for this project. In early 2016, we will have clarity on the amount of money that needs to be pledged for us to break ground. This is dependent on construction contractor?s final numbers and, for now, we are working off an estimate. Phase one will probably take about a year to build but that is always contingent on lots of other factors.

?When will it be open? Will running be allowed? Can we have 6th grade and up Sunday school? These are some of our favorite questions because they come from one of the youngest members of our community. We wish we could give you a date for when the building will be open. As soon as we raise enough funds to break ground, we will be able to provide a better answer. You can run in the church at times when that is appropriate, as long as your parents and grandparents, or the adults in the room say it is ok. 6th graders have a great time at Sunday night youth activities and we encourage them to be in worship on Sunday mornings.

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