Encouraged through Study

One of the best ways to be encouraged is to participate in a learning opportunity. This strengthens your knowledge of God, your faith in Jesus Christ, and your connection to other believers. There are several ways for you to be encouraged through study this fall. Which opportunity (or two) seem right for you? Email Stacey@melissaumc.com for more information.

Disciple 1. 24 weeks. Great place to start scripture study. Meets on Sunday evenings, beginning September 11.

Disciple 3. 32 weeks. Old Testament Prophets & Letters of Paul. Participants in this class will have taken Disciple 1 previously. Meets on Sunday evenings, beginning August 28.

Women?s Bible Study. 7 weeks. Did you know You Matter More Than You Think? Meets on Thursday mornings at 10 am, beginning in September 8.

Men?s Bible Study. On-going. Great group of guys that meet every Wednesday at 6 am.